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We support small and medium-sized organizations to achieve Operational Excellence while always keeping employees’ and customers’ needs in mind. Are you looking to further professionalize and accelerate?

Growing too fast

Is your company growing so fast that you feel like your processes are being held together by tape and glue? Has your team increased in size so quickly that you don’t know who’s doing what anymore?

Need structure & prioritization

Are there too many things that need to happen, but just not enough time or resources? Is your organization full of great ideas, but you don’t know how to prioritize and implement them?

Be better than competition

Is your organisation lagging behind competition or close to derailing all together? Do you want to catch up and stay ahead of competition?

What is Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence is the mindset to continuously strive to be better than the competition through strong and consistent execution of your business’ strategy. Our Operational Excellence Framework can be seen below:

We look at an organization along all elements of the Operational Excellence Framework. Based on this, we identify improvement opportunities and develop a prioritized action plan. If needed, we can then oversee the implementation of the entire plan or specific actions within the plan. To ensure the improvements stay in place and new ones continue to be identified, we embed our knowledge in the organization and train leaders and employees to establish a continuous improvement culture.

Depending on the size of the organization, we spend a set amount of time gaining a deep understanding of the organization to develop a solid analysis and realistic plan. During this period, we immediately identify and implement quick wins and embed Operational Excellence knowledge through workshops and trainings.

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