Our Approach

Depending on the size of the organization, we spend a set amount of time gaining a deep understanding of the organization along the Operational Excellence Framework areas to develop a solid analysis and realistic plan. During this period, we immediately identify and implement quick wins and embed operational excellence knowledge in the organization.

Our Analysis

We conduct our analysis through interviews, reviewing existing material, observation and gathering internal and external research

We immediately identify and implement quick wins, which are those improvements that can be easily implemented but still have a medium to high impact. Often these are simple ideas that are suggested by employees or best practices that we can apply from our experience in other organizations.

Quick Wins

Embed knowledge

We believe that Operational Excellence cannot be achieved without everyone in the organization having a positive and continuous improvement mindset. To ensure that improvements stay in place and new ones continue to be identified, we embed our knowledge in the organization to establish a continuous improvement culture by facilitating workshops and trainings with both leaders and employees.

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