Our Services

We can support your Operational Excellence journey with specific consultancy or interim management assignments as well as by facilitating sessions and process improvement trainings. Below is an overview of our services.


We offer various consultancy services including:

Operational Excellence Quick Scan

High-level analysis of Operational Excellence opportunities in your organization done in a short period of time

Operational Excellence Action Plan

Comprehensive Operational Excellence analysis and prioritized action plan based on thorough analysis of your organizational and market

Programme & Project Management

Managing implementation of complete Operational Excellence action plan or specific initiatives within the plan

Change Management

Structured approach to ensure that your organization is ready for change and guide employees through the transformation

Strategy Development

Developing a strategy (e.g. overall, sales, innovation) including external analysis, implementation and communication plan

Customer Research

Setting up and/or conducting customer research as input for strategy or other Operational Excellence opportunities

Facilitation & Training

If you need to kick-start an idea or strategy, solve a challenging problem or embed improvement knowledge in your organization, we can facilitate fully customizable workshops and trainings.

Process and Continuous Improvement Training

Interactive training focused on methodologies like Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen. Length can vary from one hour to several days.

Project Management Training

Interactive, pragmatic training for people who have little to no experience with projects. Focused on bringing projects on track to achieve success. Length: 4-8 hours.

Process Improvement Workshop

Workshop with employees to improve a specific end-to-end process using tools like Value stream mapping and Action Planning. Length depends on size and complexity of process.

Strategy Workshop

Workshop using tools like the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas and Prioritization Matrix. Length can vary from half a day to several days.

Problem-Solving Workshop

Structured approach to solving or developing a plan to solve a real organizational problem.

Interim Management

There are situations where a permanent role may be unnecessary, it is difficult to find someone on short notice or someone in your organization is unable to work. We can temporarily fulfill roles within your organization like:

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