Project Management Training

An interactive, pragmatic training for people who have little to no experience with projects to come into contact with project management techniques and approaches. During the training we immediately apply these techniques and approaches to their own project. At the end of the training, they should feel equipped to achieve their project goals.

Topics Covered


  • Why this training?
  • What is a project?
  • What does a project manager do?
  • The 3 phases of a project: Set-up, Implementation and Closure

Phase 1: Set-up

Sharp definition of the project using a Project Charter where the following topics are briefly and concisely addressed: Problem definition, objective, scope, team, key performance indicators (KPIs), risks, milestones, business case. Understand why this is important and what to do with it. The importance of a project plan and how to make one.

Techniques: Project Initiation Document, Project Planning

Phase 2: Implementation

Collecting data and information and analyzing, designing and implementing solutions to solve the problem. Project Manager must also track progress, escalate problems where necessary and guide change in the organization.

Techniques: Lean (e.g. type of waste), Brainstorming, Root Cause analysis, Customer research, Priority matrix, Action list, Progress updates, Change communication plan

Phase 3: Closure

Monitoring and measuring whether everything has been properly implemented and ensuring that the objectives of the project have been achieved. Ensuring that everything is embedded, such as new processes and procedures, process changes, new tasks, etc.

Techniques: Process and procedure documentation, KPI overview

Practical Information


  • 4-8 hours (4 hours will be primarily focused on theory and 8 hours will allow more time for practical exercises)
  • Possible to split it over multiple days


  • There is a maximum of 12 participants per training to ensure that the trainer can give individual attention
  • Training can be given for a group of people from one company or as an open training


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